Features and
Benefits of Knepp Buildings

Knepp Buildings Constructed This 30x30 Cattle BarnPost holes are 18″ or 24″ in diameter with concrete footer creating a more solid footer.

4×6, 6×6, or laminated posts are customizable to individual preferences.  This contributes to structural diversity through choosing the properly engineered components or structural application for each project.

Wall girts are 2×4 or 2×6 – 24″ on center, creating stronger walls than those of many competitors.

Gable end posts extend to the top of the truss which gives added stability.

Knepp Buildings uses double #1 Grade Southern Yellow Pine truss supports and door headers for greater strength and stability than regular lumber.

Engineered trusses 24″ on center (shingled roof) or 48″ on center (steel roof) guarantee the roof will hold under snow load.

A 52' x 32' Knepp Buildings Addition

5/8″ roof sheathing on shingled roof or 2×4 purlins 24″ on center on steel roof contribute to the stronger roof system.

12″ overhang adds protection against the weather in addition to enhancing the building’s appearance.

Painted steel roofing and siding with 35 year warranty or lifetime warranty retains beauty and lasts longer.

Knepp Buildings only uses screws to fasten steel roofing and siding because they do not back out like nails.

Each of these features contributes to the overall quality and reliability of Knepp Buildings.  The consistent attention to detail and the extra steps taken to ensure high quality are factors that have given Knepp Buildings its reputation for quality over the years. If you have specific questions concerning materials used, the building process, or anything else, please contact us via email at [email protected], over the phone at 814-382-0392, or by using the comment form on the Contact Us page.  Thanks for your time and interest!

The Knepp Buildings Overhand DetailTYP Cross Section - Knepp Buildings